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Useful FireFox Addons

February 5, 2009

Apart from being an open source product and shipped with a $0 price tag, the next best thing about Firefox is the rich set of add-ons it is equipped with.
My favs are the FireBug Web developer tool, the Screen Grab tool and the Link Checker.. Most useful for the Web site administrator and developer.


Search Back in Time

October 3, 2008

Google, the un-evil search company, in honor of its 10th birthday has brought back their oldest search index of January 2001.
There are more goodies on the anniversary page.

Upload Documentation and Presentation Files

September 30, 2008

I remember someone posting a comment on this site for document hosting. Just tried and I like the sleek presentation of it. You could too! Go

Where did the Computer Go? Computing in the Cloud.Upload a Document to Scribd