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Marketing Apple: 5 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketing Machine

September 14, 2008

How does a huge company go from the brink of bankruptcy to worldwide success and 1000% stock growth seemingly overnight? The answer is simple, yet surprising: Better Marketing. And the company is Apple.

  • Even the glowing Apple logo was fixed to be right-side up for others (it’s upside down to you when you open your new MacBook because you are selling the brand to others for Apple. ) Apple does one thing very well: making complex things easy and elegant.
  • Real user’s unbiased, heartfelt reporting will convince more people to choose your product than your own polished collateral ever will.
  • Marketing isn’t what you do to reach your first customers, it’s what you do to help your first customers reach the rest.
  • Marketing isn’t about what you say, it’s what others say for you.Make sure you equip them with the right words.
  • The Mac was not just easier to use than thePC – it also had style. Style is Apple’s brand.

-Steve M Chazin
Former Apple Marketing Executive and Consumer Marketing Executive