Presentation at SOA Symposium: Scalable SOA in Your Own Open Source Cloud

April 17, 2009

Just before the April break, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana did a presentation on setting up open source SOA cloud platforms to eliminate current proprietary vendor solutions. It was presented at the SOA symposium that was held in Arlington, VA.

“Cloud computing is primarily about three things: on-demand scaling for peak load management, multi-tenant sharing, and parallel execution. On-demand scaling refers to the ability of the cloud to allow an application to consume more resources as the demand on the application increases and for this to happen without over participation from the developer. Multi-tenancy relates to how a single application can be shared and used securely (and independently) by different consumers. Finally, parallel execution enables an application to request additional hardware and to execute in the entire set of nodes as a parallel computer. The most challenging part of the puzzle is providing a single programming model for application developers.”

“Proprietary clouds such as Amazon EC2, Google AppEngine and Microsoft Azure do offer many of these capabilities. However, signing up to a proprietary cloud is like checking into the proverbial Hotel California: “You can check out but you can never leave!” During this presentation we will look at how a collection of open source components can be combined to form an open source cloud that addresses all aspects of cloud computing but that also leverages open standards to establish a model whereby applications running on open source clouds can fully interoperate with other cloud platforms as well.”

“The US DoD has embarked on a path to implementation of SOA as a primary means to deliver increased capability by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.”
The conference and workshop consisted of top SOA experts representing industry, government, and vendors. The following slides are from Sanjiva’s presentation.

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