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The World Really is Full of Bull Shit

April 30, 2009

Heard it this morning that the Obama administration has decided to delay funds coming to SL through the IMF. Why, don’t even ask! Couldn’t care less though. Read the comment in the linked post, and I’m thinking, they are not white – they are all bloody pale!


Moved Blog to New Home

April 30, 2009

Back in the days when I first considered a blog, I was here and had put a post or two. Somehow I had not stayed, and looking back, its hard to say why. Well, I’m back again, and this time, I’m not the teenager I used to be. Instead, am quite an experienced blogger (eh!). This is also why I like growing old. You’ve made your share of mistakes, and learned your lessons – are better prepared to face challenges a new day brings. Know who you are and what you want.
You know it better as to when to say no. You know that everything has a price and you know the price to pay!

The price to pay for domain mapping in WordPress is $10 (do this being in WordPress itself). Considering usability, flexibility and simply good looks, I’d say it’s well worth the price. Nobody said its easy being this good looking!

On the other hand, importing posts from Blogger to WordPress is only a click away.
Go Tools > Import > Blogger and allow WordPress access Blogger, and you are done. Next, go visit your domain registrar and specify new name servers and let name server changes propagate through. Optionally, you could also go Settings > Domain in WordPress, to select which of the multiple domains listed there (* or * or *) should act as primary domain here on. Requests to all secondary domains will still work as re-directions.

What Componentization Means For Your Enterprise SOA

April 29, 2009

Componentization of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) middleware holds the promise to significantly simplify service oriented architecture deployments. By implementing interlocking functional components rather than disparate products, enterprises and their IT teams can greatly reduce time and resources required to learn, integrate and manage multiple solutions. However, there is still a great deal of confusion about this emerging approach to SOAs.

WSO2 has set a new milestone with WSO2 Carbon, the industry’s first fully componentized SOA framework. IT developers now can choose to use components rather than entire products, for example, a mediation component instead of a full enterprise service bus to customize deployments and seamlessly add product capabilities as their implementations grow. WSO2 has developed a brief slideshare presentation and an eBook to explain the architectural concepts behind Carbon. Both can be accessed from the WSO2 Oxygen Tank developer portal.

Web services pioneers at WSO2, will host a live interactive Web panel discussion on best practices, and also to answer participants’ questions on how a componentized approach to SOAs can help enterprises become more agile and effective.

Topic: “What does componentization really mean for your SOA?”
When: Thursday, April 30, 9:00-10:00 a.m. Pacific / 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern
Where: Via the Web at or by phone at (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 48043

Simplenews: Newsletter Module for Drupal

April 27, 2009

We use the Drupal module Simplenews for sending out our monthly OxygenTank newsletters.
If you are considering e-mail campaign using the any newsletter module, make sure to read this guide to learn about How Spam Filters Think.

Administration and Newsletter Creation Using Simplenews
Compatible with the Drupal Taxonomy module, Simplenews makes a ‘newsletter’ category of content to allow author newsletter issues. Content in this category is sent as email (a configurable cron is available for large, >500, message sets), in addition to publishing it on the hosted site.


  • Test newsletters issues can be sent to a mailing list prior to the final issue.
  • Newsletter issues can be looked at filtered by newsletter, draft or send status
  • Logged in users are able to manage their newsletter subscriptions through account settings.
  • Newsletters can be sent as plain text or HTML. HTML formatted newsletters require the Mime Mail module.
  • Subscription list can be filtered based on newsletter
  • Subscription list management between newsletters is also available.

Statistics Monitoring
Since our initial efforts we have been quite eager to find out how effective our newsletter issues have been and was looking for options to figure out open rates, click-through rates, click-to-open rates (CTOR) etc.
Just realized that there’s a couple of Drupal modules that perform related tasks:

  1. Simplenews Statistics – gather newsletter statistics such as open rate and click-through rates (CTR)
  2. Simplenews Analytics – adds Google Analytics tags to links in all Simplenews emails

Additionally, it of course is free and open source.

First Ever YouTube

April 26, 2009

Inspired by Jonathan’s new site and all of its multimedia, I decided to put out my first ever YouTube performance this weekend 🙂 It is The Entertainer, a composition from Scott Joplin.

Its amazing the extent to which you recognize your own flaws, when you are looking at yourself from a distance. When you are in your own skin, they are hardly visible, and all departures are easily justifiable. I redid the recording a couple of times when I realized the negative effects of all additional staccatos I was playing. Years ago when my music teacher told me not to, I always wondered what the big deal was. Well, the big deal is (as I see it now), when you are in the audience, and short notes are played instead of long ones, the gap in perception, is huge.

Of course its no where close to perfection – its only a alpha;) But am excited to know what you think 🙂 (I also did Fur Elise the night before but its pretty dark. Ok its all black!)

Having Fun with the Podcast Mike

April 25, 2009

Regular readers of the blog should probably remember the new podcast mike that was to visit us in April. Well, it did, and what’s more? It also decided to stay back – for good! (kinda fell in love with us Sri Lankans;) Here’s it is making a guest appearance on the blog.With the completion of evaluations, together with a week long marketing meetings – I had plenty fun with the new gadget and didn’t forget to re-record my performance of “Sacrifice by Elton John” at Colombo university alumni that I did back in the late ’90s. Who said Blogger can’t publish audio!

Smiley Award

April 25, 2009

I proudly display the award on my work station I received back in November from our Marketing Director for “positive attitude and great work ethic”. The actual gift was a foot message from FootRub although I am yet to go for it! One of these days I will.

Those Who Cannot Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat It

April 24, 2009

Wanted to record a frequent few encounters with security personnel in the heart of Colombo, while transporting a foreigner on a business trip.

During this trip and her last one, there were quite a few less-than-pleasant incidents, where security personnel at check points while attending to identity checks cracked unnecessary jokes (in an attempt to look friendly?), that resulted in both myself and the passenger being made to feel uncomfortable.

Let’s not get this wrong. There are hundreds of extremely polite and very well mannered armed security personnel on the streets of Colombo, doing a terrific job considering their circumstances and the situation that’s been in the country decades over. However, it must also be noted, that there is the significant rest, who’ve clearly not understood their role and are creating huge discomfort unnecessarily, trying to make victims of us innocent drivers on the roads.
At the entrance to the high security zone in Colombo, it is more important to realize the caliber of commutes that travel down the path and respond by adding in responsible and well behaved professionals that uplifts the credibility of Sri Lanka and its armed forces, than it is to have a bunch of so called English speaking junkies, who consider it their primary job role to crack a joke at every encounter with a female driver.

These would also be very important first steps towards winning the human war that sourced the the wide spread adoption of terrorist agendas among the minority groups. As excited as I am, (and relieved) as millions of other Sri Lankans, that we have finally come to the end of a war that we as a generation grew up with – let’s also remember to learn from our own past. Know where to stop cracking jokes and to draw the line. Treat each other with respect, so we won’t repeat those same mistakes that ended up costing us so much.

Lady GaGa – Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

April 24, 2009

Oracle to Buy Sun Microsystems

April 21, 2009

Only a month ago, IBM offered to buy Sun for $7B. The 2 computer giants share much in common including their support for open source and Java. The deal did not go thorough.

And now, Oracle is to buy Sun (in a $7.4 billion deal) – only a wee bit more.