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In The House of Stone and Light

March 31, 2009

O Mount Kailas, Uncover me
Come my restoration, Wash my body clean
I’ve been walking, Along a crooked path
Where the walls have fallen, And broken me in half

I’m telling you, I will not rest till I lay down my head
I’m gonna go, In the house of stone and light
I shall not cry for the blindman I leave behind
When I go, In the house of stone and light
In the house of stone and light

Holy lady, Show me my soul
Tell me of the place, Where I must surely go
Old man waiting, At the gates for me
Give me the wisdom, Give me the key

I’m telling you, I will not rest till I lay down my head
In the house of stone and light
I make my way O gonna be such a beautiful day
In the house of stone and light
In the house of stone and light

Let me in beneath my skin, In the house of stone and light
It’s been too long, My spirit’s been at war
Havasupai Shaman, Let me be reborn

And I will embrace, the sun upon my face,
Come the day I awake the child inside
In the house of stone and light, And when I go I will op – op – open my eyes
In the house of stone and light, I will see you
In the house of stone and light

I’m looking in beneath my skin
In The House Of Stone And Light


Working on Yet Another Podcast

March 31, 2009

I’ve been working on a draft for the next podcast we hope to put out in April.
Its going to be based on the WSO2 Mashup Server V2.0 release that’s due within the next couple of weeks, hopefully 🙂

While doing the draft I searched online to see what’s already said about the product and found some great reading materials for anyone interested in the javascript based composite application development platform.

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. WSO2 Mashup Server Takes First Steps

  2. Enterprise Mashups

  3. Sprint Wrangles Mashups

As Galen Gruman puts it, Everything old is new again with mashups!
Will post the link here, once we are done with the podcast.

Twouble with Twitters

March 31, 2009

Is twitter mostly about “randomly bragging about unexceptional lives’ ..? Think about it.
Time to change how you use the tool.

Networking Basics

March 30, 2009

Here’s probably the easiest way to set up 2 computers to share files without being limited to USBs or optical disks. The steps are:

  1. Have a cross over cable in place. The presentation above contains the color code as for reference. We used a Cate5e cable. Cable assembly instructions including crimping are ommitted here to keep the tutorial short. (Here’s a link for those who are still interested. Google for many more 🙂 Booting provides a guard against dust. In the picture below, I have used the cable that we created during the training to connect a Apple computer running MacOS with a Dell running Windows.
  2. Make sure Ethernet drivers are in installed.
  3. Ensure proper IP addresses are obtained. IP addresses from a DHCP server is good enough (when you are on a network), but make sure not to confuse yourself with any wireless addressing here.
  4. Ping the machines to confirm the 2 machines are talking to one another.
  5. After you have set up the 2 machines talking to one another, go ahead share files and folders from each machine. On a Windows machine this can be done by
    – select context menu of file/folder
    – select properties
    – select ‘sharing tabOn a Mac, Read ‘How to Connect to Windows File Sharing (SMB)‘ for details.

Going Through Changes

March 27, 2009

this blog is.

  1. Increased display width. Here’s how.
  2. Added my all-time favorite live-saving quote. Its probably the world’s shortest guide to living in a changing world. Most certainly enlightening every time I read those few words, even after years of reading it.

Few more I have in mind but yet to implement 🙂

Audacity and the Eventing Podcast

March 25, 2009

Here are some of the lessons learnt and requirements for a podcast recording.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Use the best microphone you could get your hands on. We use a podcast microphone (I will add the specifications the moment I’m back in office next). While it does a decent job, I am also waiting to get my hands on Katie’s world’s smallest super quality microphone that she’s recently got for herself. Its expected to pay us a visit end April, and I will be sure to post a picture when I get my hands on it (With my reputatoin for collecting tiniest gadgets that my bank account can tolerate, she’s already sent me picture. But, yeah, I’m going to wait for the real thing)
  2. Use a good voice editing software. Free and open source Audacity works for us. Comes with standard options to remove noise, amplify, add echo etc, plus there are distros for both Windows, Mac (make sure to choose the right distribution based on your processor) and even for Linux .
  3. Audacity supports MP3, WAV and AIFF sound formats. We use mp3. Make sure to download and use the LAME MP3 encoder to enable you export your recordings as mp3 files. Simply download the Windows/Mac/Linux versions of the encoder and point to it when asked during export.

Other Requirements

  • Find the quietest room in the universe and try your best to choose one that is furthest away from the road (Turn off noisy air conditioning units AND make sure to tell that ultra noisy SysAdmin guy to be quiet when opening doors!) .
  • Complete the entire recording in one location. Again, there is huge variations in surrounding noise levels and also how your voice comes out when the location changes. So basically, no patches:(
  • Have a script ready, but the actual recording should never be a reading session. The variation in voice streams when you look down and start reading against having a conversation is huge. Use the script as the base, but chat.
  • Take as many shots as possible. Option to play with a couple of additional tracks is really helpful when you are doing the edits.

We’ve just published yet another podcast in our quest to create more and more valuable content for OT users. This particular one I did with Asanka Abeysinghe discusses various aspects of WS-Eventing specification implementation in the WSO2 stack. Asanka is our in house eventing guru. He recently implemented the WS-Eventing Aug2004 specification in the WSO2 ESB. Implementing eventing for the entire WSO2 stack as a Carbon component is already in the works. In the podcast, Asanka shares some of his thoughts and experiences in the implementation. Kudos to Asanka on agreeing to spend more than a couple of hours with us to sort out the script and to do the actual recording.

There is also a wealth of knowledge awaiting to be explored in Asanka’s personal blog. Its his brain dump and is seriously worth wasting time on!

Drupal Module: Node Access

March 17, 2009

Sometime back there was a requirement to publish certain content on OT which required access be granted to specific users only.
The Drupal configuration we had at the time would required user roles be granted access permission to nodes, which was huge limitation. With that configuration, we found ourselves created unnecessarily large number of roles which after the requirement was met, were largely unused and forgotten.
Hunting for a better solution, we came across a newer module that would allow us grant access permissions to users on a per node basis in addition to granting permissions to user roles. This new module titled NodeAccess makes possible to perform the following:

  1. Enable grant access (view/edit/delete) based on content type.
  2. Enable grant access for a given content type, based on user role.
  3. Enable grant access for a given content type, based on user role, on a per node basis.


A Memoir and a Story

March 11, 2009

I knew 2 people – a husband and wife – whose marriage was so beautiful, that even those around them wanted to be married. Seriously, can you believe what that marriage could be like:)
Really, they are the kind of couples who go to the market together, walk down isles only feet apart and hold of a can to read the a label together. They then discuss the merits of buying, or not buying it, convincing each other of the suitability of the decision they are making for their family. It is truly a beautiful sight, one from a marriage that’s actually made in the heavens! Bless them.

They make the kind of couple, although its still kind of wiered to say, that makes you feel more alone in the world. Almost all of the time, you see them driving to work together, go to the market together, the furniture shop, the drug store, the doctor, the park, the movie, the car wash (I know it sounds funny, but they do). These 2 are so united, that without realizing, you slide into a fairy tale belief of yourself finding that (almost) perfect partner (LOL).

So why I probably ended up writing this post is, most likely not only because they’ve impressed me with their perfect marriage. Honestly, I’m not sure whether to give them the credits for best marriage, or, for the most generous friendship they’ve offered me through the years..

Here’s a couple who were absolute strangers to me when I first met them at a summer job at Melbourne central located right in front of my university then. Since those first hellos, they took care of me (almost) as much as parents would. They constantly showed unbelievable interest in my welfare, to the extent of turning up unannounced at my work place, and waiting there for hours in the cold winter. Took me to their place, fed me home made dinner and dropped me back home.
Another instance they drove me miles and miles to a relative’s place with all my furniture and electronic goods, did all the loading and unloading stuff – all the while my girl friend was then 7 or 8 months pregnant with her first baby!! (That’s amazing friendship for someone whose seen a lot of sadness and disappointment in life:(

I was 101% convinced, back before then, that there is nothing good that could come out of getting to know people. That the world was nothing but a nasty place, with everybody out their to grab your flesh. That’s what happens to you when you grow up within 4 walls, and is disappointed with whoever who played whatever role in your life. (That last sentence sucks, but I am not willing to delete it, so let’s just move on..)

Well, these 2 ‘strangers’ did not stop at that. After me leaving the country with dreams of settling back in the island paradise, they would regularly call my mom to find out about things (used to call me until such time I started changing my telephone numbers that at one time even I couldn’t remember my own!). These guys are just very ‘wiered’ (apologize for not using the barbie language). They actually spend calling cards calling my mom, who is a generation older, and has nothing exciting to offer them like an average friend would even. All the while, me, the friend at the other end of the friendship link, has decided to sit back and be informed. No calls from me to them, as I didn’t think I was capable of offering them anything 😦

Oh yes, now this makes me sound like a total a** h***, and let’s agree, I can be that at times 🙂 But really, its not that simple. I had my reasons (which at all times I decided to keep to myself :D) My first argument was that I was not a telephone person. So I do NOT call anybody, and my ‘friends’ should certainly understand that bit about me. Two, I have not been doing so great since I last met them, to have considered picking up the phone to ask how they were doing – knowing very well, that I had lost grip of things for quite sometime, and was trying desperately to come to terms with my surroundings. Sounds selfish still, I know, but sometimes, you just don’t dial numbers. You don’t visit friends, and you don’t even look around. You just get stuck in your little dark shell hoping to see light, some day. Sounds very unreasonable, yes, but it doesn’t, when it happens to you 😀

The last couple of days I was compelled to think of the whole chain of events, when they decided to again find my number and call me last week to tell me that since I was considering a move (yet) again, that I should arrive at their place straight and then get stuff sorted out. How exciting that might be for them to have myself and little Evelyn around them to bother, when they themselves are dealing with 2 very young children and only 1 is working. I have been trying to get my mind around what it could be that’s making these ‘strangers’ keep lending their hands, knowing it very well, that there is a lot I will end up asking from them.

I can not help but feel that I may have been so close to them in another life (yes, I am a Buddhist and am bound to think that way). Whatever the reason may be, I am thankful that I’ve known people like them, for it gives me this amazing feeling that despite all the bad out there, there is still hope.
It shows me, that despite some who promise the world and deliver nothing – that there are still others out there, who promise nothing and yet offer the world.

The above is a post I decided to make tonight to say thank you to 2 great people I have had the pleasure of knowing, for the last decade or so.

Let me not forget to be grateful,
Let there be more of them, for those who seek hope.
Let us never fall in cloudless nights.


Thomas Edison lost 2 million dollars worth of equipment and the record of much of his life’s work, when the Edison industries were destroyed by fire in 1914.

Edison’s son Charles, rushing about to find his father at last spotted him standing near the fire, his white hair blown with the winter wind. His heart ached for his aged father.

Edison saw Charles and shouted : “Where’s your mother? Find her. Bring her here. She will never see anything like this as long as she lives. ” The next morning , walking among the ashes of so many of his hopes and dreams , the 67 years old Edison said,” There is a great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burnt up. Thank God we can start anew.”

Things to Ponder

March 6, 2009

Light thinks it travels faster than anything – but is wrong.
No matter how fast light travels, it finds that darkness has always got there first, and is waiting.

Creadit Crisis Explained..

March 4, 2009

Borrows 2 great clips from Keith’s blog that clearly explains the Credit crisis we are in. Couldn’t have explained better!