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Akon – Rush

February 26, 2009

Airbone Wifi and Nobody’s Happy!

February 26, 2009

I myself was discussing with friends after my last trip, how for the last 25+ years the commercial airline industry has almost had no improvement at all (mostly compared to advancements in IT perhaps). A couple of days ago Sanjiva too mentioned this in his post on “Airborne WIFI”.

It is also true that we become a generation that demands for more and more – quite obviously very difficult to satisfy. Nothing reminds it better than in this video pointed to by Jonathan in his post: “Airbone Wifi and Nobody’s happy”.

Guess the difference is that when times are different, and the entire society has evolved. What was acceptable a long time ago, is not so quite acceptable anymore. The part I like most? “That’s it, I can’t do any more things now”. Wish it could be all that simple;)[Image credits:]

Living the Dream

February 26, 2009

Its not everyday that you actually get to live a dream.
Some, as we approach them, realize are just too grand. Too far fetched. Some others fall by the way side, as we continue to dream. (Just like how Woody Allen said in his great movie Match Point, ” in the grand scheme of things, smaller ones are pushed aside and sometimes even crushed, to make room for the bigger ones”.
Yet others just fade away, as mates who ones promised to “do it together”, won’t stick it out.

So, while some are just too far fetched, and others falling by the way side, which others could come true? Coupled with great vision and a lot of hard work (team work), it is those like that of the Carbon dream that come true. Carbon is the dream of a unified SOA platform.

We dreamt, we followed and we achieved it. And now, what’s more, we get to live it.
Live the Carbon dream. Download the Core, the feature packs, read instructions and watch how it is done. Know that “teachers could only open the doors, it is you who must walk through the door”.

And, don’t forget to keep dreaming.. For much like how venture capital firms invest in hundreds and probably thousands only to see just 1 startup make it through – we too need to dream lots and work on several all at once. For who knows, which ones, will go the distance..
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Flash Demo: What is WSO2 Data Services

February 26, 2009

Looking for ways to expose data stored in heterogeneous data sources and expose them as services? Find out what WSO2 Data Services is capable of in the following short Flash presentation.

OSCAR 2009

February 24, 2009

Quite contrary to some of my friends who thought the movie was the best, I didn’t quite agree. For me, ‘the bests’ are more in the lines of Forrest Gump, Sixth Sense, Match Point, Water etc, and Slumdog Millionaire wasn’t quite there. I guess movie preferences are like any other preferences, and we could only agree to disagree.

Story no doubt was every bit intriguing, although common in this part of the (mostly) forgotten world. (perhaps not so much when Jamal Malik, boy from the streets, wins a million dollars!)

Over the years, India has produced great many movies for which they haven’t exactly been awarded that many international awards. Talents of A R Rahman and the like (Dileep Kumar comes to my mind from those very early visits to movies with mom) Rahuman himself, for that matter, has great many (if I may say so) better pieces than “Jai Ho“.
What was most profound about last night’s OSCAR awards for me, was to see the rest of the world, and more precisely the western world, appreciating such talent – talent that was almost hidden until Danny Boyle showed it to the world.

“I have nothing. But I have a mother”, Rahman spoke accepting his award.

“All my life, I had a choice of hate and love,” Rahman said.
“I chose love, and I’m here.”

Articles on WS-Eventing

February 19, 2009

Recently OxygenTank published 2 articles on the recent implementation of WS-Eventing in the WSO2 ESB.

The first of the series titled “Fusion: Eventing with SOA – Introduction“, is an introduction to Eventing, EDA within an SOA environment. Most recently published part 2 of the series –
Fusion: Eventing with SOA Part 2 – Eventing using Synapse and WSO2 ESB” – contains, detailed technical and functional information on Eventing capabilities shipped with WSO2 Carbon.

The author of the series Asanka Abeysinghe is a Software Architect at WSO2.

SOA for the Recession

February 19, 2009

As IT budgets continue to shrink in economies around the world, how do we ensure successful SOA deployments that generates enough revenue that fuels growth?

Rationalizing SOA for Success

Paul and Sanjiva on InfoQ

February 18, 2009

Fremantle and Weerawarana on WSO2’s New OSGi-based SOA Platform
“Open Source SOA software vendor WSO2, who are are a driving factor behind many of the Apache Software Foundation’s web services projects, recently announced what they claim is “the industry’s first fully componentized service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework”, called WSO2 Carbon . The release of this platform is accompanied by new major releases of WSO2’s registry, ESB, and web service application server (WSAS), as well as a new product for business process automation called WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS). InfoQ spoke to WSO2’s founders, Paul Fremantle and Sanjiva Weerawarana, about the significance of this release.”

It is Carbon

February 17, 2009
Some say it is better for the tough times,

and some say you could configure a hammer or a Sledgehammer with it.

While some say it is better than a SUV,
Still others say it is a Hummer with the economies of a Prius.

WSO2 Carbon – Middleware à la carte

If a problem has been there for long enough

February 15, 2009

May be it is not a problem, may be it is a fact!!