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Making Choices

January 25, 2009
“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
– Mark Twain

So what do you do when hope is hard to find? Surrounded by lies, each made up with pieces of truth? .. and what do you do, when you feel the difference in kind, and not just in degree..?

A part of being human is the ability to make choices.. So what you can do then is to make one!
(Image credits: Sanjaya Ratnaweera)


Coming up .. WSO2 Carbon 1.0

January 22, 2009

WSO2 team is working around the clock for the GA release of our revolutionary middleware product WSO2 Carbon.

Already known to be flexible, agile and extensible, the final beta release of Carbon was made available on the 12th of this month. The team is currently working on several release candidates.

With this release, we will have WSO2 Web Services Application Server (WSO2 WSAS) v3.0, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) v2.0, WSO2 Registry v2.0 and WSO2 Business Process Server (WSO2 BPS) v1.0 coming out as carbon-based products.

WSO2 team will then go on to make the framework itself available as a download.

WSO2 will be repeating the “WSO2 Synergies: The Carbon Story” Webinar on 17th February 9am PST. Stay tuned to find out about the unified SOA middleware platform that allows you to seamlessly add product capabilities as your implementation grows.

Quotes on Integrity

January 21, 2009

“What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.” – Bodie Thoene

“Conscience is what hurts when everything else feels so good.” – Author Unknown

OT Publishing Marathon!!

January 9, 2009

This week we’ve published 10+ already and 10 more are being moderated in the queue – Some of the fastest turn around numbers ever, thanks to Katie.

With a two week really long Christmas break, most WSO2 folks have found the time write an article or two.
I’ve personally writte 2 articles: one on middleware componentization and WSO2 Carbon and the other on Interoperability and WS-*. I expect these 2 to also to be published sometime next week..

Until then, here’s a superb reading list. Authors are experts in the Web services and OSGi arenas!

  1. Introduction to WSO2 Carbon Clustering – Afkham Azeez
  2. WSO2 Carbon Cluster Configuration Language– Afkham Azeez
  3. Reference Guide to Axis2 Code Generation Parameters – Part 1 – Eran Chinthaka
  4. Reference Guide to Axis2 Code Generation Parameters – Part 2 – Eran Chinthaka
  5. Reference Guide to Axis2 Code Generation Parameters – Part 3 – Eran Chinthaka
  6. Axis2 Configuration Part 2 – Learning axis2.xml – Deepal Jayasinghe
  7. What is an Axis2 Repository? – Eran Chinthaka
  8. Invoking Web Services from a Mashup – Keith Chapmon
  9. Reliable Messaging with Sandesha2/C– Damitha Kumarage
  10. Introduction to PHP Data Services – Dimuthu Gamage

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How to Use the Secret: The Law of Attraction

January 4, 2009

The secret reveals the most powerful law in the universe. It has been visible from the start, but only dimly so.

We live in a universe that has laws. The law of gravity, the law of attraction etc.
What you think and what you feel and what manifests is always a match. Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming. (I agree. With only a very few exceptions)

Align yourself to the receiving. Attitude, gratitude, joy, enthusiasm, motivation, impulse, intuition are ways in which you could do that. If you’ve been there in the mind – then you will go there in body.

How bad do you want change?