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Thought for the Day

September 30, 2008

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. – Gandhi


Upload Documentation and Presentation Files

September 30, 2008

I remember someone posting a comment on this site for document hosting. Just tried and I like the sleek presentation of it. You could too! Go

Where did the Computer Go? Computing in the Cloud.Upload a Document to Scribd

From the Days Gone By

September 27, 2008

With a little Help From My Friends – Joe Cocker (from Wonder Years) |
Changes-Ozzy Osbourne:

Project 10100

September 26, 2008

WSO2’s Upcoming Release of Open-Source Data Services Product

September 24, 2008

Official announcement: October 6.

Land, Religion and Ownership

September 23, 2008

Today, I had an interesting conversation with my colleagues about language, race, land, religion and ownership. Pretty serious topics ha? As it turned out, every single one of them who were involved in the conversation (except for myself) thought that this country belongs to Sinhalese people and them only. Further, they also seemed to believe that the Sinhalese community is the only community with people ‘originally’ born here – not descendants of any Indian origins or otherwise. Where as the Tamils, Burgers and every other minority community living in Sri Lanka are outsiders.
Since the Sinhalese were ‘born’ in this land, the country ‘legally’ belongs to them, only, and the ‘others’ (reminds me of Others by Nicole Kidman) are ‘allowed’ to (by mercy of the Sinhalese) live among us and we shall tolerate them – Just so long as they don’t demand rights! Breath. Sigh. Sigh.. I honestly thought this breed was dead..

I am a Sinhalese. Born to a Buddhist family.
In my heart, the closeness I feel to this country, let’s just say is more than I would like to admit. But to think that this country is for my ethnic group only – and that too because we were ‘born’ here? No, I will not go there. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Firstly, I do not know if we Sinhalese are all descendants of people ‘originally’ born in this country only. So who is king Vijaya, mentioned in every history book they taught us back in school? The one who married a ‘local’ woman named Kuweni..? Besides, if that’s the criteria, what would become of a child born to a Sinhalese mother and a Tamil father? Do we then discard the mother of all legal rights she was entitled for, before the baby was born? How then, about the child? Do we outcast him too? What becomes of those millions of non-Sinhalese families, whose parents and grand-parents lived and died in this country? Do we still ‘tolerate’ them and treat them as second class citizens too? What about children born to Sinhalese parents away from the country? Are they still legal? or simply tolerated? Just think about it.

Reminds me of a mindset of a single man that killed billions of human beings in concentration camps.
Extremism has thousand faces. They appear as cast, creed, color, religion and sometimes as class. We could forever divide ourselves as blacks, whites and many more shades of brown. Then we could further divide ourselves as Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Islamic. Oppose one another in a never-ending journey towards supremacy!

Guess division is not the mistake. I am not a believer of communism to think that everyone should be speaking the same language, eating the same food or wearing the same clothes. Reality is, we are different. Even children born to same parents. Contrary to the popular belief, individualism in itself is not a bad after all. In fact, this variety of shapes, colors, heights and skills could make us better, if we use it the right way! Look at SOA.. Why is it such a great architectural concept? It is because it allows us to benefit from many different great technologies, without limiting ourselves to one single technology only. This lets us enjoy the best of all world!! So the secret to greatness lies in interoperability!! Live and let live. Respect others as they unto you. Accept, that ‘others’ too are a part of the country that makes up the greater variety called Sri Lankans. When we see that there is more to humanity than black, white, Christian and Islamic – I guess we will then begin to see light.

I apparently have an ‘American mindset’ 🙂 I guess I inherit it from being a ‘Buddhist’. In almost 18 years of countless many hours in the Sunday school, Buddha taught me to see beyond the boundaries of cast, creed, color and look at the human within. To see people for who they are.
So my judgment, which I accept at times have been completely disastrous:(, has always based on ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’. The actions.

Are Americans always right and the French always wrong? Are only Buddhists destined to see light in Nirvana and the rest end up in hell? It is a fact that you, my friend, and I were born in Sri Lanka. And we should be proud of the country and the fact that we are Sri Lankan. I am personally mostly proud when I am among fellow Sri Lankans who appreciate the human race. It makes me awfully proud when I meet a Buddhist, who despite being Buddhist, appreciates the good and the right of a different religion.
Personally, I have been lucky enough to have met many ‘non-Sinhalese’ people, who I would gladly share ‘legal rights’ of this land and share the rights of their country too. I am proud to be a Sri Lankan with residency in Australia. No I do not plan to claim any land to the extent that only Sri Lankans will live around me. I am only too happy to live amongst the ‘rest’, see it and learn the best of others to go on in life to become a better person, all the while enjoying the community feeling. The groups I do have trouble with are the utter selfish and schrewed extremists, who refuse to see beyond themselves. And they are amongst us, the Sinhalese, the Tamils, the Burghers and even amongst the Americans and the Australians!!

I guess I’ve lived amongst different ethnic and religious groups for long enough to know that being one or the other doesn’t automatically make you better or superior, or makes you the owners of the country. There’s been more than one random occasion that I’ve stumbled upon to humbly realized, that ‘Nirvana’ is possible outside the strict confines of a Buddhist temple and that patriotism lies beyond the Sinhalese ethnic group.
I find it impossible to fathom, that after all we have seen and heard, both here and everywhere else, that there is still so many of us – the educated, and even the good-hearted and so liberal minded as open-source folks, who thinks that the country belongs to only themselves and their ethnic group only. I do not know how and why they fail to see it, that while one group holds ownership, the others being left to survive is an act of disguise to cover up our their own insecurities!


September 22, 2008

Oh I love humor, and who doesn’t?
Check out the link to OpenID and The Register on Paul’s site.
Totally agree with every word on the post!
Myself is a huge fan of The Register, although I too do not agree all the time. Not the one on Cloud computing but do so completely with the one on the browser. Heh, that’s a really good one!
Of typing the URL on the browser and selecting the first link that’s returned, that definitely is mom!! 🙂

If You’re Coming to San Francisco ..

September 20, 2008

So, after almost a month and a half, I am back to writing about the US trip I made back in July:)
You may ask why the break in between. Ha, good question! With somanyreleases and makeovers (ok Okay, that wasn’t me there – I did nothing and it was all Hasmin, Amal, Chintana and KT), there seems to be very little time for long blog posts..
Anyways, here I am back again.. Thinking back on the days spent in the US..
One more thing. I can’t continue from where I stopped last. Which is when I arrived in the US in Portland, Oregon. Sorry folks, but Portland is too boring to write about, especially when there is so much I have got here that I want to say about the happening US State of California:) I know my friends say that I am a kind of a loner, always living in isolation.. My house mates in Melbourne used to call it ‘self imposed isolation’, as for most times, I refused to come out of my room even when there was a party in the very same house I was living in! But that’s not all true, with the crowd I enjoy, I am unstoppable heh!!
What I was going to say was that, since on my own I am kind of really boring, it scares the hell out of me to spend my days in a boring city. Where ever I go, I like to be close to city centers where there is activity, shopping and noise. That way, I could just walk out of my room and feel that I am a part of a greater community. In the country, the silence can literally kill me. And that’s the basis of the evaluation of the two cities. Very personal and not at all fair.
So, California. After 3 so not happening days (except great shopping that Samisa and I did in Portland on the last day of our stay there), I was bored to death!! Honestly, Portland was so much like Melbourne and I couldn’t believe that I had traveled for 30+ hours to end up in a place that reminded me of no where but Melbourne! I mean, Melbourne was only half the distance and I had lots more things to do there…! I had to literally drag myself to the airport to catch a flight to CA. The one thing running in my mind at the time was how exciting it would’ve been to have stayed home and listened to Evelyn’s latest discoveries on color and Timon!!
In fact on a call with my mom from OR airport, I told her that US was nothing much – that it was just like Melbourne!! How bl**** boring is that for someone who dreamt of coming to America for the last 5 years!!
Throughout the flight (AA), I slept. I cannot remember exactly how many flying hours it was, it was only a couple of hours anyways.. So when I woke up, we were already flying over CA. Looking out of the window I could see a very different view that I have almost not seen before. I bet Alice Springs looks the same 45000 ft above, but I cannot recall seeing that. It seemed everywhere you look it was the desert!! Was a bit scary too.. I mean, I was thinking, if I get stuck here in the middle of nowhere for some reason or the other, good luck my friend. No water and no sign of anything live for as far as you could see…!

The next thing I knew, we were landing.. Getting off the flight, I collected my 2 luggage bags and headed outside the airport to catch a taxi. Yes, this time I needed one as the bags were pretty heavy with all the shopping we did back in OR. By the time the taxi approached the hotel, my mood had completely changed. Initially, the plan was to check in to the hotel and sleep until Sunday morning. But oh my my, you step in San Francisco and you will not stay in your hotel room for any longer than what it takes to take a change! The sun was bathing the city and foreigners and holiday makers were all over the city walking up and down with endless crowds in shopping malls. And shopping it is.. blocks and blocks of shopping malls and clothes stores.. People singing in street corners and crowds watching movies in the open! It was just like how Scott Mckenzie sang in his famous ’60s song San Fransisco.
I just kept on walking down the blocks, getting lost and finding myself back again.. but what a feeling… The day after, I visited the great Golden Gate Bridge and walked across the bridge to Sauca Lito and took a ferry ride back to the city. I saw Lombard St – ‘the crookedest street in the world’. Ate the best slice of Pizza I’ve tasted to date from California Pizza kitchen, right across the hotel and simply immersed myself in the great San Francisco experience. (I even bought strawberries, raspberries, peaches and an avacado from the market down the Market st – items that had been in the list for years since I last stepped out of SL in 2005). Things looked fairly expensive in the shopping centers but that didn’t worry me at all. I already had 2 suitcases full of things from OR that I bought tax free (probably the only good thing about Portalnd, sorry:(
Coming up, work week in Mountain View – CA. Keep watching this space folks!

Twhirl – The Social Software Client

September 20, 2008
Check out the sleek installation process and UI, awesome
Thanks, KT & Jonathan for the link:)

How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong

September 19, 2008