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Microsoft and Open Source

July 31, 2008

I read a great post by Ajith Ranabahu a moment ago on Microsoft and open source. I completely agree. Isn’t it so true that we all talk about how different we are going to be, how differently we will do things – until one day we are in the same shoes and all of a sudden we find ourselves doing the same things.
Its almost like how I used to think as a child how better I was going to do all things my mom used to do. Many years later now when I look back, I am simply amazed as to how much my mom has done almost with half the resources I have. And it doesn’t look like I am going to do half as well as she has – probably not all that true but yes, its a lot..
Well, I guess what I am trying to say is that, it is really easy to sit back and criticize every move someone makes but it takes more to see facts and appreciate what must be. And yes, at times , it seems quite apparent that being successful is a reason to be criticized. Now, you can ask Barack Obama about that!


at OSCON 2008

July 24, 2008

WSO2 is at OSCON together with Microsoft, in Portland Oregon.
Our demonstration of the WSO2 StockTrader 2.0 sample application displays seamless interoperability among the WSO2’s Apache Axis2 platform and Microsoft’s WCF for Web services. Interoperability is made possible with the use of SOAP communication standard plus a host of other WS-* standards such as WS-Security and WS-Reliability.

Microsoft’s StockTrader 2.0 sample application is implemented in 3 tiers that consists of an end-user client, a business layer (service) that manages the user portfolio and a back-end order processor layer (service) that is invoked by the business layer whenever a trade request is made.
WSO2 implementation consists of modules for each of these three layers in Java, PHP and Python. These different components are able to communicate in various configurations, dynamically, demonstrating Web services interoperability in action!

Read WSO2 Adds Three Platforms to Microsoft .NET SOA Interoperability Demo at OSCON 2008 for detailed information on our interoperability efforts with Microsoft at OSCON 2008.

S3 Sneezes and the Cloud Catches a Cold!

July 22, 2008

Read about the Amazon S3 outage here.

A Day in My Life.

July 16, 2008

We were suppose to have our US visa interviews this afternoon. So I got dressed up the small one and left home early wanting to make sure that there are no last minute rushes for the interview at 1pm.
Managed to get through the early morning rush and almost made it to the office around 8.30am when a man with horns got pissed off with me for trying to turn into office premises with the signal lights on. Apparently, he had wanted to overtake my vehicle even as I had the signals on from the very second I had turned into Flower rd from Royal College junction and was in the right side lane;) At least the security people in the office were there to tell the brain-dead moron behind the wheels, to take notice of the signals lights that were blinking. The sheer numbers of these kinds that you get to share the roads with everyday, is just mind boggling.
Having made it to the office, I quickly got myself to start on the paper work to make sure everything is in perfect order for the afternoon interview. This being my first trip to US, a country for a long time I wanted to discover myself, I didn’t want any confusion during the interviews. I know my Aus residency and WSO2 credibility will take me far, but nevertheless, I wasn’t going to take any risk at all.
Having collected everything together (I had actually kept all my docs in the admin room from y’day to ensure that I don’t end up turning up in office today with some documentation missing or anything:), I was downstairs in the front office pasting my photograph on the form when I received a call from the TTS office saying that all afternoon interviews for the day are canceled and re-scheduled for Friday (tomorrow being a public holiday in SL)! Reason: security measures for the upcoming SAARC summit.
This means, I will be going for the interviews on Friday morning and collecting the passport only on Monday, after the weekend.
I mean, that’s just great. Because the plan was to leave Colombo on Sunday to arrive in Portland by Monday to prepare for the demonstrations.. and now, I wouldn’t even know the outcome of my visa interview (which apparently can end up with a negative response for no apparent reason at all..). Now, am I not just delighted? (Ask Azeez if you want to know why you might not get your visa until 4 months later- even when you have traveled before and your records are straight!!)
So I’ve been thinking.., did I do the right thing by deciding to stay back in SL even after I got my Aus residency? Or was is down right foolish to have made that decision. I still cannot come to a conclusion..
It seems that if I leave the country, I will be leaving behind my mom who we usually see every week-end, the least, and Randhiv’s parents who he sees everyday! There are many days that I find myself driving back home and feeling that urgency to go and see her least for a few minutes. I see my father once in 6 months when he is down on holiday from Oman. Then there are my cousins and friends who I’ve known for a life time, whom I will miss if I leave.
Not to mention the fact that baby spends her time after school with one set of her grandparents and gets to see the other set, during weekends. If you ask her I’m sure she’d say that that means more to her than spend time in some day care joint in Australia (or in heaven)..
So, there are other concerns too.. like I have no idea of the secondary education system in Aus or schools there. So obviously I feel comfortable with Eve going to school in SL, where I know I could guide her better. After school is a different story all together as I don’t see Eve going to uni here at all and that I’ll leave for a later discussion in another post. Its bad enough, already, this one is turning up to be a white paper.. almost!!
So, I see it everyday and hear about it everyday.. the young ones get their education and get residency.. US, UK, Canada, Australia.. where ever.. oh and even Italy (all the best Sanka:). And you know that they will not come back unless for a short holiday. They say there is brain drain in the country. I mean who wants them to tell you that? You only need to drive down our roads and you know its true!!
So what do you do. Do you stay or do you go? Do you settle for better standards of living or do you stay with the familiar, closer to the heart? Or is there a third alternative?
‘Cause right now I feel funny. I mean who knows what happens in the days to come.. and then they might cancel our Friday appointments too. Or the roads could be closed. Or the embassy might close down. In fact, even as I was preparing myself for today’s interview, I was quite nervous not knowing what to expect and made sure that I had my bank drafts and all much earlier since you’ll never know when the banks would close? or the roads?!!
So never mind educating the child in the familiar, will we have schools left to educate them at all?
I mean, for how many things can you be prepared for? And for how long do you still try – to make it in your own country? There is this kind of sadness that I feel deep down inside.. that tells me that your own country is trying to kick you out. Or am I just imagining things..?

Its Movie Time..

July 12, 2008

Wow.. I’m completely moved after watching North Country – a great movie based on the true story of Lois Jensen and the landmark case that changed sexual harassment law both within and outside of America. This is my first Charlize Theron movie and I must say that she did a brilliant job in it.
On the topic, I recently watched Someone Like You – a chick story (as my friend Praveena puts it!) – in which, Ashley Judd gave a super performance. ! So these are probably the 2 best movies I watched since watching Match Point.
These are definitely my kind of movies just as much as Sixth Sense is.

Oprah Speaks to Class of 2008

July 9, 2008

“ When you’re doing the work you were meant to do, it feels right. And every day is a bonus, regardless of what you’re getting paid.
I like money, It’s good for buying things.. But what you want is money with meaning. Meaning is what brings real richness to your life..
..Be a part of something. Don’t live for yourself alone. Stand for something larger than yourself, because life is a reciprocal exchange. To move forward, you have to give back.” – Oprah Winfrey’s 2008 Stanford Commencement Address

Platform Interoperability Demonstration at TechEd2008

July 8, 2008

The video of the WSO2 demo within the keynote, extracted from the keynote is now available on youtube here.
Details of the application can be found at Jonathan’s blog
Microsoft features Open Source in TechEd keynote
Reference: The WSO2 press release -“WSO2 Endeavor Extends Interoperability Across .NET, Java and Other Popular Web Services Platforms

Things to Ponder..

July 8, 2008

Awed by the staggering size of our galaxy and the universe itself, at times we feel lost.
“There are ways around the depression that comes with truth. Embracing what we are helps: highly evolved, curious apes with big pleasure centers.
Although, all we ever do will amount to dust, we can still have fun in the doing. Realizing potential is an end in itself. In fact, that, and loving each other is all we have.”

OSCON 2008 – All Things Open Source..

July 7, 2008

OSCON brings together over 2500 experts, visionaries, and hackers. All things open source, OSCON is the place to be inspired and challenged, renew bonds to community, make new connections and find ways to give back to the open source movement.

Meet the WSO2 team at the Expo Hall, featuring dozens of the latest tools, projects, services, and products.

Software Industry Models

July 4, 2008

Deepal Jayasinghe has written this great post discussing how the open source model is deemed the future of software.