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A Mashup Designed to Help Answer "Is Sri Lanka Getting Safer or Not?"

May 30, 2008

Jonathan Marsh, Director for Mashup technologies at WSO2 has created this mashup to answer the question here.


An Amazing Data Center

May 27, 2008

Here’s an unbelievable personal account from a man who actually walked into what’s believed to be the world’s largest data center.. I found this in the internal News mailing list at WSO2. If Dr. Sanjiva hadn’t posted it, I’d never have believed its true.
After reading the full account it was like coming out of a movie.. a MI more likely..
And here’s your turn to sit in the theater and enjoy the full ride.

NB: “The workers at Switch – many of them multi-millionaires, including Roy’s assistant – look like they’ve bought into the program as well. I’ve never seen a happier group of t-shirt and short wearing staff”.. I couldn’t help the flashbacks of WSO2 staff members hanging around in denims and t-shirts when I first stepped into the building for my very first interview:)

In the Rage to Master..

May 16, 2008

‘The black belt represents the beginning — the start of a never-ending journey of discipline, work, and the pursuit of an ever-higher standard.’ .. That I found in Nabeel Yoosuf’s blog. There are a few very interesting posts in his blog that I really enjoyed. See if you do as well 🙂

Stories on Oxygen Tank

May 15, 2008

I have one story published already. An article titled, an Overview of Service Oriented Architecture here.
The next is still in the moderation queue for sometime now but I hope to have it published it before the end of the month. And that’s on Web2.0. I am also in the middle of writing one on Cloud computing and a couple of white papers as well..
Keep an eye on WSO2 Oxygen Tank for SOA and Web services related technical stories..

All at once I saw a crowd

May 11, 2008


May 11, 2008

I just read a post on Paul’s blog that truly can make a difference to the famous, ‘I am a Manager – so I do no work’ attitudeSmile
At WSO2, that definitely is not our culture!

Sun’s Rocket-Fuelled Cloud

May 11, 2008

Apache and Steam Engines: The Magic of Collaborative Innovation

May 9, 2008

Questions Answered!

May 7, 2008